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Steinhaus Standard Schnauzers started in January 1990 with the birth of " Otis" a.k.a. Skicos Leo. Otis came to my home from Skico Kennels in Colorado at 14 weeks of age, and my life changed forever. My name is Heather Pedersen, when I purchased Otis from Marilyn Rand the one thing I promised, was to give showing a try. We started out with some handling classes and a couple of fun matches, then it was time to try a real show!! I will always remember that show as I did not have a table or crate and showed up with my dog, a comb and a blanket (thanks to class, the proper lead) we had fun but no points were acquired. Less than a month later we went to our second show and not only did we win "Best of Breed" from the junior puppy class, but did it over specials and handler for a three point win. Well that was just the start, within the year Otis became "Can/US Ch Skicos Leo" and later a CD was added on to that. About this time I decided Otis needed company, and purchased "Milo" who eventually became "Can/US Ch Steinhaus Miles to Rio CDX".

My interest in Standards has grown to include competing in Conformation, Obedience, Rally and Breeding. Otis and Milo are long gone, so I have moved on to show and compete with other dogs. Each new dog is like a new beginning while also carrying forward from the past.

I am also involved in both the Standard Schnauzer Clubs in Canada and a member of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America, the CKC. I feel that everyone should try to give back to the community for there would not be shows and trials to attend if no one was willing to work to put them on.

Steinhaus dogs continue to excel in a number of dog show/event venues. You will see dogs I have bred in the top-dog listings in both Canada and the U.S., competing in a number of discipline’s. I have strived to breed dogs of stable mind and body. While I enjoy competing with my dogs, I know that this is not for everyone, so my dogs need to be a member of the family first. All the dogs bred at Steinhaus SS are Champions before they are bred and have had all the appropriate health tests. Although I breed dogs to have the best possible conformation I still feel that temperament is the most important consideration when planning a litter. Pretty is one thing but we still need to live with the dogs. Standard Schnauzers are wonderful pets and companions but not the breed for everyone. Make sure you meet a few Standards before considering adding one to your family. If they are the right dog for you then you are in for years of happiness with this wonderful breed.